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April 15, 2024

Ch-ch-changes: Choose a new name for MPR

After nearly ten years of rebranding, ICOM has invited International Committees to update their acronyms and names. In many cases this means changing acronyms to names reflecting their core activities, enhancing communication, visibility and inclusivity (e.g., ICOM Conservation instead of ICOM CC).

Acronyms such as “MPR” are tricky. Sometimes, they can act like a “keep out” sign. They mean something only to people who know what the letters stand for. We are the insiders. You are an outsider. 

MPR board members believe it’s time to create a more straightforward, inclusive, recognizable, and engaging name. If we want to be a global voice and networking hub for museum professionals in communications, community engagement, fundraising, branding, and marketing, you need to see yourself represented. Our acronym is “MPR” for Marketing and Public Relations, formerly Museum Public Relations. This is just not enough to embrace the diversity of professions and professionals we serve today and into the future

Names matter. Actions matter. Now we invite you to share your opinion and make this decision with us using this survey.
This is the first round of collecting suggestions. It’s open through 10 May. A second round will follow. Then, the selected name will be given general approval.

We have a long list of names we brainstormed. If you want to suggest, remember that every IC name should include the M + a NAME + a FLAG.


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