What is MPR?


ICOM-MPR is an international subcommittee of ICOM. ICOM, The International Council of Museums, works for society and its development. It is committed to ensuring the conservation, and protection of cultural goods. ICOM establishes professional and ethical standards for museum activities, makes recommendations on such issues, promotes training, advances knowledge and raises public cultural awareness through global networks and co-operation programmes.


ICOM-MPR is composed of museum professionals working in marketing, communications and development (fundraising). MPR provides its members with the opportunity for professional growth, works to develop good communications and marketing practices, and encourages a high level of professional and social networking amongst colleagues. It also acts as an advisor to ICOM on issues of internal and external communications when required.

Our Purpose

Acting as an advisor to ICOM and providing information to members worldwide through arranging meetings and the publication of electronic and printed media, ICOM-MPR’s objectives include:

  • Providing professional growth opportunities for its members
  • Disseminating good communications and marketing practices to ICOM members and other museum professionals
  • Promoting the development of international networks amongst colleagues
  • ICOM-MPR plans and conducts annual meetings that bring together communications, fundraising, marketing, membership and visitor studies professionals from museums, galleries and other cultural, scientific and educational fields to share experience and knowledge.
  • ICOM-MPR maintains a website presence through its online newsletter and archives at www.mpr.icom.museum