Paraty 2008


ICOM MPR Annual Conference 2008:
Communicating Cultural Heritage to the Young

2 – 7 November 2008 in Paraty and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2 – 7 November 2008 ICOM MPR arranged a conference in Paraty and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil in close cooperation with ICOM Brazil.

Communicating Cultural Heritage to the Young
The main theme was devoted to improve museums’ communication activities towards children and young people. Museums have long tradition in attracting school children. But how can museums and heritage sites reach out to and encourage individual children and young people? Which impressions do children and young people have about museums and heritage sites? Which are the ethical aspects of reaching out to children? These were some of the questions discussed during this conference.

Encouraging Museum Communications World Wide
A second topic at the conference was how to improve museums communications. Discussions were made on how to raise the awareness of ICOM and to stimulate efforts related to communications strategies in museums and heritage organisations especially in Brazil and Latin-America, but also the rest of the world.

The conference was divided in two parts. 2 – 5 November in the lovely colonial town Paraty, approx 4 hours from Rio and 6 hours from São Paulo.

7 November took place in Rio de Janeiro, in Museu Histórico Nacional. The core components of the first part of the conference were discussed with museum people from Rio de Janeiro, and new topics were enlightened.

Please refer to our Paper List to see the pressentations given at the conference.