MPR Survey 2023: The results

Tell me what you want,
What you really, really want

One of the primary communication lessons for the cultural sector is that if you really want to help or be relevant and make a difference to somebody, you need to be quiet and listen. Especially in museums, where many of us think we know what people want. We act based on this belief instead of adopting a data-driven approach. And that is how mistakes are made.

Considering this, one of last year’s main actions was to invite our community to have an anonymous and open discussion about what we can do to serve you better.

We posted our call to participate in the I Want My MPR Survey in our social media and e-newsletters. From over 700 members, we had 103 participants. 
Half of them are from Europe, 12 from Africa, 
11 from Asia, and 
Nine from LATAM (Latin America and the Caribbean). It’s a diverse group where 56% of those participants work in or for a museum.

But 44% have other ties to the sector, like consultants and researchers whose interests go way beyond Marketing and Public Relations. We are even more passionate about Communications (72%) and Institutional strategy (52%), with a particular interest in the Sustainable future of museums (56%), Communications technologies (53%), and Institutional change (47%). A group who wants to connect with MPR via Facebook (57%), LinkedIn (50%), or Instagram (47%). That was and still is a starting point to guide us on what we must do.

Now, we are happy to share what we have learned. Take the time to check it out.

And if you missed this, we want to hear from you next time. Please participate in the 2024 survey.

I Want My MPR Survey 2023: The results.

Summary PDF: download this if you want to check a general report and the actions we took during the year from your feedback.

The full monty Open Data: download this if you want to see every data.