ICOM MPR Strategic Goals | 2024-2026


Our Vision

To be a global voice and networking hub for museum professionals in communications, community engagement, fundraising, and marketing in which members can see themselves represented and become engaged in collaborative programming relevant to their professions, institutions, and communities.

Our goals

1 | To become an open and welcoming committee that circulates knowledge and offers opportunities for ICOM members and non-members, increasing representation and participation in our board and activities, particularly engaging young professionals and colleagues from under-represented regions worldwide.

2 | To better understand ICOM MPR members’ interests and needs and represent them to the ICOM Secretariat and outside ICOM’s sphere.

3 | To embrace contemporary challenges and necessary change in the sector by encouraging difficult conversations with different voices.

4 | To promote best practices, projects, and achievements in communications, community engagement, fundraising, and marketing to museum professionals worldwide.

5 | To cooperate with other International Committees, National Committees, and Regional Associations of ICOM, as well as with affinity organizations to help us amplify our vision and goals as they intersect across the spectrum of related museum specialties, such as institutional leadership, education, exhibition development and exchange, and content creation and distribution.

How we want to achieve those goals

1 | By professionalizing how ICOM MPR is governed and managed, focusing on our community interests and needs.

2 | By active listening through a range of interactive platforms and activities, including social media, webinars, meetings, conferences, annual surveys, and engaging volunteers and/or working groups.

3 | By proposing urgent trends and topics for discussion in lectures, debates, webinars, and capacity-building programs.

4 | By providing a broad portfolio of platforms and opportunities to share information and experiences virtually and at conferences and other in-person gatherings and through international exchange via travel grants.

5 | By creating value for our partners and communicating knowledge and trends in all aspects of museum communications, community engagement, fundraising, and marketing.