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November 29, 2022

Meet the Board 2022-2025

We are happy to announce our new board.

  • Deborah Ziska, United States – Chair
  • Anastassia Belessioti, Italy – Secretary/Treasurer
  • Anna Dentoni, Italy
  • Natia Khuluzauri, Georgia
  • Luis Marcelo Mendes, Brazil


Thank you to MPR Board 2019-2022

We are deeply grateful for the outstanding service of our former board members. Notable among their achievements over the past three years was a digital pivot and response to our annual meeting during the pandemic in 2020; the 2021 hybrid conference done in cooperation with ICOM-Russia, “Let’s Talk. Reimagine the Visitor Journey;” and our recent programs in Prague, all of which are documented on this website and Facebook.

** As you may have noticed, Bjorn Stenvers and Joy Hsin are not on the board 2022 -2025, although they were announced at our General Assembly on Saturday, 15th of October 2022. Due to their maximum term, they could not serve the 2022-2025 board. We are grateful to Bjorn and Joy for all their efforts and the work they have done for the board.