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July 16, 2021

ICOM Solidarity Fund 2021

ICOM MPR, ICOM AVICOM and ICOM Germany successfully solicit project support from ICOM Solidarity Fund

Two International Committees specializing in media presence and strategic communication of museums, together with ICOM Germany, can now realize their comprehensive project thanks to the support of the ICOM Solidarity Fund on the Covid19 crisis:

The COVID19 Challenge:
Museums and their digital engagement
in times of crises

The goal of the joint project is, on the one hand, to work out the status quo of digital presence – or even better, holistic hybrid presence – in dialogue with leading representatives of museums worldwide (ICOM MPR). On the other hand, useful recommendations for action – especially for small and medium-sized museums – are to be developed with the help of best practice examples (ICOM AVICOM). The National Committee ICOM Germany supports this project with its large network of museum experts.

There is no doubt that the overall pandemic situation is also extremely challenging for museums. After all, only in the medium term will it become clear how the former megatrend of city tourism, on which the majority of museums were more or less dependent, will develop in the future. It has become equally obvious that an elaborate digital presence is an absolute necessity in the future orientation of strategic communication.

It will be exciting to see which museums are already working on the basis of a truly holistic Hybrid Strategy – and what experiences have been made with regard to the development of a Digital Scenography. The aim must be to sustainably consolidate these important developments.

The results of the study will be made generally accessible via the websites of the three participating committees.

Matthias Henkel Chair of ICOM MPR
Michael Faber Chair of ICOM AVICOM