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February 21, 2024

Conference Announced: Georgia here we come! Conference, Conferencia

MPR Annual Conference 2024
House Museums at the Crossroads: How Do We Empower Social Change?
Join us 25-29 September in Tbilisi, Georgia

A joint conference from ICOM Georgia, DEMHIST, ICOM MPR and Tbilisi Museums Union

Historic House Museums around the globe are guardians of historical and cultural legacies, local stories, and memories. However, we envision such institutions evolving to also play a vital role in catalysing social change in our rapidly changing world. How can house museums respond to the task of engaging with their communities? How do we partner and collaborate to drive transformative progress? What opportunities and threats do we face in forging common bonds and interests to empower social change?

This inclusive conference welcomes your experience, whether you are a house museum professional or work in another related field no matter the size of your museum.

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