Let’s Talk! Annual Conference 2021

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reimagining the visitor journey


ICOM MPR Hybrid Annual Conference co-organized with ICOM Russia

September 16th –19th 2021

Live at the Rostov Kremlin in Russia & Virtual Worldwide via Zoom

Following the ICOM 2021 theme – The Future of Museums: Recover and Reimagine – ICOM MPR and ICOM RUSSIA invite colleagues worldwide to discuss the new relation with the museum audience.

We live in a time of transition that is not only caused by the pandemic but also by profound social, technological, and climate changes. If the museum continues to fulfill a socially relevant role, questions of communication and education are of critical interest.

Let’s talk about communicating the museum in new ways, in new formats – with hopefully new audiences. How can we bridge the gap between on-site and digital? How can we make the museum more accessible by using smart communication strategies? Isn’t the museum itself a special kind of social medium?

We are proud to organize this conference together with Alexander Sholokov and ICOM Russia colleagues and Natalija Karovskaya and the Rostov Kremlin Museum staff.

Let’s talk! Let’s reimagine the visitor journey for the museum of #TheNewNormal!

Natalija Karovskaya, Director Rostov Kremlin Museum
Olga Chistanova, ICOM Russia
Matthias Henkel, Chair ICOM MPR


Organizing Team

  • Afanasy Gnedovsky, the Museum Rostov Kremlin
  • Tamara Ognjević, Board Member ICOM MPR
  • Björn Stenvers, Treasurer ICOM MPR
  • Matthias Henkel, Chair ICOM MPR


Here you can have a first look at the venue of our upcoming conference: