International Project

Magnificent Seven


  1. What for?

We see our world changing rapidly. Technical progress, especially in sphere of communication, has reached much more in the last 20 years than in the previous 200 or may be 2000 years.


Oral Word – Book – Theatre – Cinema – TV – Internet…

Former values and authorities have been constantly revised. Still the highest summits are towering above the world as ever… In sphere of WORD and THOUGHT the names of true geniuses still remain unimpeachable, recognized by many generations of mankind. They are not too many.

Now we have chosen seven  - Dante, Servantes, Shakespeare, Goethe, Hugo, Tolstoy, and Joyce.

Could other names be there? Yes, probably.

However, choice was made and it is not accidental as each of them presents powerful national culture, symbols of their nations; they personify languages, they are innovators, creators of schools and methods, they are the authors of the greatest works of world literature – Devine Comedy, Don Quichotte de La Manche, Hamlet, Faust, Les Misérables, War and Peace, Ulysses – indisputable masterpieces. And it is probably most significant that all of them are definite humanists.

All these writers are united by love of mankind.

Each genius is absolutely self-sufficient, independent, and great.

But now even they need our protection and our special attention because WORD itself, book and literature, and even LOVE FOR MANKIND need our protection and attention today.

Soon some separate efforts won’t be enough. We have to unite our efforts.

Leading European countries, leading European cultures must unite for the sake of preservation of eternal values. Our geniuses could become the foundation for this unity. In order to perceive them together as magnificent seven, as G-7, as some Summit of humanism it is necessary to unite them in social consciousness.


2.      Why SEVEN.

This is just conditionally, and may be one day there will be some other format.  At first stage there were three – Shakespeare, Goethe, and Tolstoy; now – 7, further – 10 or 11 and so on.

Seven as a number possesses some definite magic; it is considered to be a lucky number.

We have seven days in a week (and each of our geniuses might have their own special days).

Seven countries – Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, France, Russia, Ireland are united by this project; it is meant for seven years etc.


3.      How? Mechanisms of realization; forms and means

We are having absolutely unlimited possibilities. All various versions and combinations are possible. Any configuration inside sevenangle, any combinations of two-, three-, and multisided contacts…

Our great authors gave food and ground for hundreds of other creators in all spheres of art. On the basis of their works countless number of musical works – ballets, operas, symphonies etc. – were written. Hundreds and thousands of drama productions were staged. Artists painted their canvases on the plots of their works. Illustrators of all the times got their books up handsomely. Cinema has produced movies on the basis of their work and life. Critics, scholars, philosophers, researchers have appealed to their work and life. Actors, reciters, performers have performed their works from stage, on squares, and streets etc.


Festivals “Garden of Geniuses” could become an outstanding, worldwide event, organized once a year in each country when participants of the project come to visit one of the places, let us say.

Thus, in 2010 Russia is prepared to organize such a Festival at Yasnaya Polyana, home of Leo Tolstoy, and may be also in Moscow. In 2011 Shakespeare could have hosted all in Stratford-upon-Avon and London, and so on.

We have to use two-sided agreements between the countries. Thus, the year of 2011 is the year of Italian culture in Russia and Russian culture in Italy. This could be a good reason for our mutual projects. For this event special funds have been reserved in countries’ budgets.

All other numerous versions are possible.